Greener Businesses

Creating a green business plan for your company is not only a great way to give back to the world by minimising your environmental impact, but it is also a great way to save you money.

Marketing yourself as a greener business will also make you seem more trustworthy and approachable to your customers, and will help to create more brand awareness as an environmentally conscious organisation.

If you’re interested in reducing your carbon footprint, and your overall environmental impact as a business, Corporate Clinic can help.

Here are some of the ways in which we can help greener businesses to do their bit for the planet:

Devising both short and long term customised business plans for reducing your energy usage

Finding the best energy-efficient utility providers for your workplace

Improving sustainability of manufacturing standards

Sourcing green technology for your office, such as solar panels, green insulation etc.

Introducing paperless options seamlessly and efficiently

Implementing new guidelines for choosing green suppliers

Want professional help to become a greener business? Get in touch with one of the Corporate Clinic team today for a friendly consultation to discuss your options.

We offer informal, confidential advice for how you can boost your business by going green. Once we’ve had the initial consultation, we create bespoke business strategies outlining solutions for reducing your carbon footprint and establishing your company as an environmental advocate.