Director Protection

Being the director or owner of a company can be challenging at the best of times; and downright stressful at the worst. Running a business involves a lot of risk-taking and responsibility, and even the best entrepreneurs in the world will likely find themselves in stressful financial situations at certain points in their career.

If you’re worried about creditors taking action against you, there may well be a way around it – through director protection. If you’re a director or business owner, director protection might be the best way to protect your own finances, as well as those of the company.

The aim of director protection is to protect against personal liability. Some of the most common situations where director protection can be a saving grace include:

You’ve been accused of wrongful trading

Director’s account is in its overdraft

Dealing with personal guarantees

Insolvency Service interviews

HMRC interviews

Trading Standards

Our team is on hand to help create tailor-made solutions to these problems. We analyse any action taken against you and protect your position against a wrongful trading accusation. We will negotiate with creditors and defend your decisions as director. We can help create affordable payment plans and create an informal cash flow plan moving forward.

If you’re a worried director or business owner, it may be time to talk to someone about your director protection eligibility. We are on hand to deliver friendly and confidential guidance that could be a safety net for your business.

For professional, informal guide to all our director protection services, as well as general advice on business debt recovery, contact one of the Corporate Clinic team today.